European politics have a growing influence on our daily lives, often without us noticing. Many have a decent knowledge of the national political scene but ignore the European decision making process. Our project aims at bringing this knowledge to Belgian schools. Is your school interested and motivated to participate in (one of) our sessions? Below we explain step by step how you can be part of the experience!

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1. Interested? Let us know!

As a school, you can express your interest in our project by sending an email to or by filling in the contact form above. We will be happy to answer any additional questions and, if required, send two members of the EYP-Europolis Belgium board to your school to talk with teachers, student and/or management in detail about a possible participation.

2. Composing a delegation

Once the decision to participate has been made, the search for a delegation of 8 (EYP) or 10 (Europolis) enthusiastic and motivated students begins. The students will work as a team and prepare the session that takes place in February or March. Students for EYP need to be in their fifth year of secondary school, for Europolis they can be in their fifth or sixth year. One or two teachers who will assist and guide the delegation of students, support the project both during the preparation in the school and the session itself.

3. Teachers meeting

At the end of September or the beginning of October we organise an annual teachers’ meeting in the European Parliament in Brussels. The responsible teachers from all the schools participating that year are invited to this event. During the meeting, the resolution topics are divided among the schools by lottery.

4. Preparing the session

After the teachers meeting, the actual preparation for the session begins. The students gather information about their topic and prepare a draft resolution stating their ideas and points of view. After submitting their own resolution online, the schools get the opportunity to study the other resolutions. The responsible teachers, who will of course receive the necessary support and documentation from the steering committee to be able to lead their students to a satisfying result, guide is this process. In this phase, there is again a possibility to ask for a school visit. One of our experienced alumni will come to answer all the questions and help the students in the right direction while preparing their resolution.

5. The session

Finally, the long awaited moment has arrived. During February or March the school delegation, together with the guiding teacher(s), gather in Brussels to participate in the session and discuss their resolutions among each other.